Hi everyone. I don't feel like putting my name out there, but you all can call me LB. I'm thirteen years old and I've recently been diagnosed with Gastroparesis. It all started on my birthday thirteenth birthday this year, June 29. The horrible storm happened and the power was out and my little sister had came to visit me. Unfortunately I just started vomiting really bad and I was in so much pain my mom had to take me to the hospital. The nurses weren't very good at trying to put an iv in me. It took them seven tries, three different needles and about thirty minutes. It was awful. I stayed overnight and they told me they thought it was my appendix, but in the end it wasn't and they told me I was exaggerating everything and it would get better so I went home. It never did get better since that day. I suffered everyday not knowing why I was in such pain. I wouldn't be hungry and I'd have intense pain in my stomach. It has gotten worse since my birthday now. I'm almost always constipated, I'm in horrible pain where my stomach and intestines area is and I can't consume anything or I'll puke everywhere. Even water, it awful. So my mom took me to a specialist and three weeks ago I got an endoscopy, and found out I had Gastroparesis. I haven't had any treatment and I'm still in bad shape. It's kind of weakened me and it's hard for me to accept since I'm in martial arts and I use to be really strong and healthy. Anyways Monday I go and figure out things. I'll let you all know as soon as I figure out everything.
LoveBitten LoveBitten
13-15, F
Sep 22, 2012