I Gave Up A Little Boy.

I got pregnant when I was 16. It was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I live in a very small very christian town and I was looked down upon and ridiculed at first. I had people telling me I should get an abortion or just get rid of it. Others who told me I might as well drop out and just keep the baby. But I decided on adoption. I met this wonderful family who were looking to adopt a child and I decided that was the way I wanted to go. I knew that at that time in my life I was not suited to raise a child. I knew that no matter how much I loved him I could not be the parent I knew he deserved. It was painful letting him go, but I was blessed enough to find a family that was ok with an open adoption. So I am able to see him every year on his birthday and it worked out very great. I wish I could tell all young girls who are pregnant that they have this choice. It may seem hard or kind of taboo or wrong to some people but it is actually a really amazing thing. I was still young and a small part of my reasoning for giving him up was because I still had a life to live as well I still had a future and I want girls to know that there are thousands and thousands of families who are more than ready to be parents who can give that precious little baby a wonderful adjusted home. And take it from me yes it is really hard and painful but when you can see what a wonderful life your child is having you know that all the pain and hurt was worth it.
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Would u like a penpal

I just got one question to ask, what did his dad say about your decision to adopt?

Its admirable that you did not take the easy way out.<br />
(And have the child aborted just because it was inconvenient, no doubt there is odd instances when this may be an acceptable option but still.... If there is such a thing as Karma/reincarnation such people may find themselves getting the coat hanger treatment themselves or maybe being barren for a few live times, now that would be poetic justice... and you never know do you.)<br />
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I really feel for you though as a child is without a doubt part of your "soul"....<br />
I hope you didn't feel bullied into making that decision as that could eat at you I imagine.<br />
<br />
You put the welfare of your child above your own which is the right thing to do and what you did must have been the hardest decision you will ever make.....<br />
<br />
Anyway I wish you the best...

It's hard to give a baby up and it takes a lot of courage. I did the same at age 16. I was shipped off to an unwed mother's Home (basically a glorified jail) to have the baby. The only family there for me was my Aunt. She would get me out for weekend visits. I had a little girl and I still wonder what she's doing after all these years, but I am glad that they found a good family for her.

It is possible to find her. My husband was actually adopted and it was a similar situation and we actually just found and met his birth family this past year. I am sorry you had to endure that. If you are interested in looking for her message me and I can tell you what all we did.

God bless you for blessing others.

Thank you.