Me And My Buddy...

When I was 13, I had a close friend who was a year younger than me. We would always play together and he would often sleep over.

One night, while he was sleeping over, we came across some interesting stuff on late-night tv. We we're upstairs in my bedroom alone. The **** on the tv made us both horny and we both started to get hard. Being as young and as curious as we both were, we started talking about sizes and who might be bigger. One thing led to another, and we decided, "i'll show you mine, if you show me yours."

Me, being the older one was bigger, maybe 4.5'' to 5'' uncut. He, on the other hand, was maybe 3.5'' to 4'', but thick with a big head, also uncut.

"Woooah, you're huge!"
"'re pretty thick though."

Our curiosity didn't stop there. He made the first move by asking,

"...can I touch it?"
"Sure, go ahead."

His hand felt sooo good on my growing ****. I had to return the favour. So we both were jacking each other off, getting a feel for another guys ****. It got pretty steamy in my bedroom that night. However, that was just the beginning of an interesting friendship.

We continued to jerk each other here and there, sometimes to ****, sometimes just to do it for fun. Some sleep overs he'd ask to sleep in my bed with me. I didn't mind since it was a double, and thought it might be fun...I was right. We couldn't keep out hands off of each other. We'd do it alone, we'd even do it secretly with other people around. We found ways to entertain each other.

Believe it or not, our relationship made it to the next extreme. One hot summer day, we were both at my home alone. I have a pool in my backyard, so ofcourse we were relaxing in the water. We both had goggles and were spying on each other under the water. He made the first move by poking at me down there. Ofcourse I got a little excited, and he could see that. He untied my bathing suit and started playing with me under water. He did that a couple times, then came up from under the water.

"I'll suck you if you suck me."

He went under the water and watched as he opened up and took my **** inside his mouth. I got chills. He came out of the water and I knew it was my turn to return the favour. It was hard trying to suck a **** under water, while trying to hold your breath at the same time. When I came back up, he said,

"Wanna try this dry?"
"Yeah, let's go to my room."

We got out of the pool after putting our bathing suits back on. We tried to quickly dry off our bodies and still ragging hard dicks. When we got up to my room, he sat down and said,

"You suck me first."

I was nervous. I'd never done anything like this before. He was semi-hard, but growing. When I first put it in my mouth, I wanted to barf. Who enjoys sucking ****?! Anyways, I did it because I knew he would return the favour. I thought I would atleast make the best of it. I sucked him, gagging a couple times, but I sucked him till he was ready to shoot. Ofcourse I wasn't gunna have him shoot in my mouth, gross. So I sucked him till he was ready and jerked him to completion.

My turn. As soon as he placed his mouth on my 4.5'' ****, I got chills. This feeling was unreal. I couldn't believe we were doing this. We both hated the taste i'm sure, who wouldn't? He did something different though. He took my foreskin, pulled it open, and stuck his tongue inside. I guess he'd seen some chick do it to a dude in a *****. It was hot. Ofcourse, he did the same for me and sucked me till I was ready to pop and jerked me till I came.

We both knew we weren't gay. We discussed it on several occassions. We were just two horny kids helping each other out. We were young and experimenting. It's what all kids were doing...right?

Being as close as we were, we had many more sleepovers and play dates. This was the first, but definately not the last time we'd help each other out.
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wow, sounds amazing

Sweet lad gonna get me bird to do da to me

great account of sexual exploration. at 13 i had a JO bjuddy we swapped HJs and a few times tasting

Great story bud. It's awesome you had a friend to explore with when younger.

Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. I have yet to enjoy another mans' **** but I have found a man to love and I plan to please him in any way I can, orally and anally. I am transgender and now live as a woman full time. I have found the man, now all I need is the opportunity

Great story, man-

During jr and sr nigh I had some similar experiences. Mostly mutual hand jobs but once, when drunk, I put a friend's **** in my mouth. But only for a couple seconds. On my 14th birthday three fiends stayed overnight. During the night my buddy Scott and I were sleeping on the fold out couch together. We started feeling each other's underwear, then our hands went into the underwear. This was the first time another guy had touched me there. In a few min. I felt a sensation I had never felt before, and soon I shot all over his hand. Wow.

That was very Hot. I also remember having serveral young friends who also having experimenting with. It was fun to grow up trying new thIngs as well as learned things. I had one relationship that lasted from 13 and he was 12 till we were in our 20's. He was awesome.

Similiar and such fond memories of those days, !3 seems to be average for producing seemeen. That how it happened with my buddy and I. Showing off our new found milestone in development. Almost everyday after school we'd be at his house doing what boys do. The first time we swapped HJs i was hooked to feel the pulsing hearing the breath changes and those moans of delight is highly arousing. and to see his stuff on my hand well you guys know.

thats so hot i bet he still thinks about you and those days when yall were so close

no since wondering gay bi or what much of the world does not label and and the guys do it all the time. What you have in those countries is guys playing with each other and never even considering if it is gay<br />
This is the best way to be

I actually had a very similar set of experiences, with a friend also one year younger than I ! However, we're still acquainted.. but not physically. He's more or less straight, and I'm kinda the opposite. lol. But we have a good trusting friendship.

Great story! Wish I had a friend like that growing up or now even!

omg! that was so hot and cute!! wish i was there to see.

great story & by the way to answer your question i love sucking **** lol

That's what is great about being things together and don't judge about it..I'm glad you had fun playing..cowboy up:)

my size now is about 7.5'', pretty thick ;)

what's your size now? :P

thanks :) glad you like it. i love to hear feed back.

we're not sadly :(