His Name Was Brent, I Guess?

If that was his real name?  We, I had work with his father and he was our deliverly man who brought our bread to the country club.  He had introduced me to his really cute son.  I would go to the bathroom at the country club, and he would then follow me there!  We got to know each other on a daily basis.  So, one day I had asked, him if he would like to go out on Monday, maybe to the movies or go to the local park, or something to that nature.  He said yes.  So come Monday night, as we were out for a drive I had asked him what he was into?  He asked me if I knew anyone who could give him a b/j, I said I know of one person, and then I had pulled off to the side of the road, and had asked him, if he was into that sort of thing, he goes, well sort of, but I am more curious.  So, I know of a place were we can go, and ican show you a good time if you want?  So, I took him to the ridge on the Va. side and had told him if my **** is bigger than yours, then you suck me off first, but if yors is bigger than mine then I will suck you off?  I Lost!  He must of had the Biggest ****, this manhood meat was at least 10 to 12 inches.  And about 5 in in diameter, WoW, I said.  I go this is going to be so much Fun.  So, I took him, to the back of my camper and stated to massage his manmeat, and that thing started to grow as I was kept rubbing it (that).  As, I was getting ready to go down he want to know If I had ever done this before, and I said oh!, yes but nothing as big as this, he goes do you think you can take it, I go I do my best.  I slowly, put that massive **** in inch by inch, and that damn thing nearly choke the **** out of me.  But continued, and again inch by  inch. Up and down, licking it from side by side, and going back, up and down and side by side.  Then I would, go down and suck his balls for a little while.  Then go back to sucking that ****, up and down, side by side, till he exploded in my mouth and all over my face.  When this man/boy, would set-up, his massive manmeat, was from his groin to just below nipples on his chest.   So, then we go for another drive, and found ourselves at the end of the runway at the local airport.  He had asked me, if I would do him again?  I go, do you think you could shoot more come into me as you did about an hour ago, he goes sure , I'll always have enough for you!  So, back to the back of the camper we go, and the whole thing starts over. Up and down, side by side, licking, swallowing, up and down side to side, massaging, this time he lurched forward, andI thought I had scared him, until his man juice fill my mouth and again, as it ran down my face.  He, leaned forward and our lips locked and we start to kiss and caress each other.  Our manhoods touching tip to tip.

When I had asked him if he had ever stuck his **** into another mans ***, he said no?  But do you want me to stick it up yours?  I said suuuuree, and he rolled me over so gently, and on to my side, and then I told the best way was for us to do it doggie style, and I had to explain it to him and he did very, very well for the first.  I did not think I could take it, but I did, and this was the first time I did it since I was raped, and not forced into it.  His lovely manmeat up inside of me, and then again another explosion, I believe this man/boy, could go for days if I had let him.  So, I had asked him again, when do you want to do this again?  Well, I am not working tomorrow,  am taking the day off?  I go let's do this again, and this time we'll do it at my parents hom, since they are not there, and I have a hot tub!  So, the very next day, I started again, but this time he did me first, up and down, side by side, caressing my balls, licking here and there.  Up and down, side by side caressing each other, till I exploded in his mouth, and then he wanted me to **** him up the ***, he what to know how it felt, and again I wanted to please, him the best way i could, in an out, in and out, andI too, was caressing his manmeat, get him ready for ME AGAIN.  He exploded, his man juice in me with such force, that it ran down my both side of the cheeck of my ***, and down my legs and then he started to give me a rim job.  I was so pleased by his action, and I could not wait for the return.

So, when it had became my turn, I had placed his legs across my back and as I was getting ready, to go down he wanted to know that he was falling in love with me and I told him I loved him, too!  So, I went into my pleasure mode, Up an down, side to side, licking his balls, and then up and down, side by side, till again he explode, his man juice in my mouth, and again I swallowed, and drank his sweet nectar of all of his juice, and zI did not spill a drop.  Then I, took him down to the hot-tub, and we began caressing each other.  Kissing, massage, caressing, his sweet lips touching mine, and his lips was as smooth as that of a cherry.  We caressed, each others body, explored each other as if we were lovers, kissing here and there, exploring more and more of each other.  He , had the most beautiful of eyes of any man/boy.  Blue, and his skin, was that of a newborn baby, soft, silky, and no hair.  His ***, was tight and firm, His hair, was a light brown shimmer in the sunlight.  He made my week, and for weeks to ***.  We were together for about six months, till I had to move, away for a while.  But when I, returned he was no longer a round, damn, just my luck!  So, I no he's out there, somewhere, and I hope to find him again, I miss him....................................

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Sounds fantastic. My experiences were not as long lasting as yours; until now. I live with my partner and have since 1997. Our sex life has been fantastic.

He was fun and very, very, good. And he had and amazing ****, 10.5. He was the one who I had pleasure of doing for 6 months.