I Gave A Woman A Lift

I picked up a woman that worked near me from the bus stop one day, as we we chatting and flirting together, she told me to stop the car just short of our journey, so i stopped the car, she leaned over and gave me a kiss and slid her hand over my already aroused ****, well i responded by slipping my hand up her skirt, wow she had nylons on and a skimpy thong, it did'nt take much to slip my fingers into her. She udid my pants and took out my hard member and proceeded to suck me off, i was oblivious to any activity outside, she asked if i wanted her to take my load as she did'nt mind, i said d'ur! and shot my hot load into her mouth, she immediately swallowed it down and cleaned the rest off my helmet. We were a little late for work that morning as you can imagine, oh, i became a regular ride for her after that.

sheerone sheerone
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Now, that was one is a real fantasy for many of us!!

...you lucky guy!

Great story

You rotten two-timer, I could have done that for you !!!!!