Camping Trip Revenge

When I was 17, I wanted to get revenge on a friend at school. We often went camping at weekends and so once I decided to take a box of ex lax chocolate in my pack, and that night as we sat in the tent, I made a hot chocolate and secretly melted most of the 48-pack through it. We lay and chatted in our sleeping bags for a while and fell asleep soon after..

The next morning I woke early with him on his knees, whimpering, frantically struggling to open the zip to get out the tent. It was stuck. Nearly in tears and wearing just (white) underwear, his hands were trembling as he clutched his stomach.. Just as I moved up in my sleeping bag to help him, he couldn't hold any longer and he started full-on shiitting his shorts in front of me. He screamed and went red-facced, it ran down his thighs as he held his *** with his hands. I got the zip slipped free and he stumbled out with, dropped his briefs in a tangle, squatted, and painted the ground in front of the tent. All I could do was sit and watch it run out him and he cried.

I got back at him gooood though felt so bad with the humiliation I caused him and a was a dangerous prank. He begged me not to tell anyone though he still doesn't know it was the exlax I slipped him caused the worst diarrhea he's ever known, me too for that matter. Although I got revenge, I regretted it afterwards. And kinda still do.
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I want to spike a dates food with laxative then lock the bathroom door so she cant get in! I hear eye drops in somones drink will make for one hell of a mess too

It must have been fun!

Did you know too much ex lax could kill a person? I don't know where your brains are, if you have any.

You dont have to give the person the whole box

Good revenge for sure. Was your friend also 17?

Great fun heh. Us ex colonies used to used Brooklax, which isn't available now as far as I know. Good fun for the odd friend due some vengeance... But yeah, great entertainment too.<br />
<br />
Yoghurt powder works really well, and it gives you a couple of hours to make sure the toilet won't flush etc.

Nicee. Me and a friend did this to one of our school mates last year with some nice results and some far better than I'd expected. We went on holiday with his brother in their caravan and we slipped a heap into drinking chocolate one afternoon just for a laugh. He made a run for the communal toilet block way early the next morning but already crapped his shorts and bedsheets. I do feel kinda bad but it was funny to watch aaand he crapped his pants in the car home again as we couldn't pull off the road in time! We told him it was us and he took it in good humour but I won't ever let him make me coco, no fckin way!