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I have had three out of my four children naturally. I am due to have another one in August and will hopefully be a normal birth. Once I go into labor I have my babies fast..which is on the upside for me. My first baby I went into labor at six am and had her by 4 that afternoon. I went into the hospital at 3pm and had her an hour later. I had no pain medications because there was not time to give them to me. My second baby had to be born by emergency c-section because she was breech. I never wanna have a c-section again. My third baby I was in labor for about 24 hours. I spent the last 6 hours in the hospital. The nurses did try to give me an epi but it didnt work. I had a lateral blockage. I could feel everything on my right side. With my fourth baby it was the first time that my water had ever broke. And the contractions started right away after. I was in hard labor from the time it took from where I was living to get to the hospital. I was dilating very fast. The nurses called the techs in to put an epi in. As they were telling me to not move I could feel my baby's head crowning. They told me to lay down afterward and I said I couldn't because the baby was coming and I would start to push. Of course the nurses think they know all even when they have no children of their own. I layed down like they asked because they wanted to check me. But instead the got to see the babies head start to come out. The nurse was in their alone and started freaking out. And my contractions were literally pushing baby out without me even trying. All of a sudden a million people were in my room..everyone BUT the doctor and this older more robust nurse hurled herself onto my belly because baby got stuck at the shoulders. It hurt like you couldn't believe but it got her unstuck!! It was the fastest delivery and labor yet..three hours after my water broke I was holding my baby in my arms. The nurse had to go home and change because she didn't even have time to put on scrubs it was the story of the hospital. And to top it off she was a nine pound baby. I pray that this baby allows me the time to get to the hospital safely as we live about 15 miles away. And as long as baby isn't another nine pounder..I am not scared of natural birth.
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Hope everything goes well for you :o)