3 Times!

It hurts!  LOL...and then it is over...LOL.  I hate the idea of being numb from the waste down and also the doctor has you take absolutely no drugs during your pregnancy..no cold medicines and all that.  Makes perfect sense to me...and then they want to drug you up...I don't think so...LOL

I survived and have 3 beautiful boys!

Blitzsgirl Blitzsgirl
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3 Responses Feb 29, 2008

Yay for momma...it hurst but its worth it. I would do it again. I had Adam naturally....what was your worst and favorite part?

I was 38 also with my last son...and yes, I could feel the difference...I was in my twenties with the other two! LOL

I also gave birth naturally...but it was only because my son arrived before the dr did. I didnt not take meds during pregnancy etc, but was saying epidural when I hit the ER. I did recup quicker with my son. My first child, my daughter i had an epidural, but also had some health issues, so combined it made for a longer recup. But having your first child at 38 will do that to ya.