I Gave Birth to My Son Naturally and Pain Medicine Free!

I gave birth 11 months ago without pain medicine! Throughout my pregnancy I knew I wanted a pain medicine free birth. I tried to hire a doula, but my husband said it was a waste of money. On the day I went into labor, my husband was at a military school and was unavailable. I called into his school and said I was in labor, but the lady didn't believe me so I had to fake a contraction. She finally took the message and said she would get it to him. I then drove myself to the hospital with my mom. When I walked up to the front desk, I told the lady I thought I was in labor and she looked at me like I was crazy since I wasn't screaming in pain or crying or doing any of the other weird things laboring women do. But the docs checked me and sure enough, I was 5 centimeters dialated and was admitted to the hosital. 5 1/2 hours later, I had my son. It wasn't all fun though. At 9 centimeters, I felt the incredible urge to push. The wouldn't let me though so I was cripping the handles on the bed so hard, was shaking, sweating, and felt like it was taking all my power not to push. The lady finally told me I could, but my water hadn't broken so she warned everyone to move. Sure enough, on the second push my water broke and splashed the back wall, the floor...everywhere. I remember pushing and laughing at the same time. It was disgusting. Finally I could feel my son crowning, but I freaked out and asked for an epidural. Of course, it was way to late for that. I kept getting really close to pushing him out, but would freak out and say I was scared. My husband finally yelled at me to stop being a wimp and push our son out. Though it seems mean, thats what helped me. I brought my son into the world after only 5 1/2 hours of labor. It was amazing, exhilarating, and something I will do with all the other children I have!!!
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My mom had me all natural and she said it was fine and it was as horrible as other people talk about, then there would only be one of us.

That's hard work.

I wish my future husband would tell me to stop being a wimp and push the baby out...he would have been in the hospital for head trauma.

Wow, thats wild! Although your husbands attitude at some points in the story is kinda caustic.<br />
<br />
Just a little.