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I am 23 and I have no friends. I still live with my parents. I take care of everything for them. I clean house, pay all the bills, cook all the meals, I take care of my little sister (4) and my little brother (2), i take all the crap off my 17 year old sister who is getting married in May. Which she also is fighting with depression and anorexia. Sometimes I feel like everyone takes advantage of me. I don't want to leave I just want friends, and someone who will appreciate the things I do for them. I'm not complaining a all the things I do I just wish they would not take me for granted. 

jessie17 jessie17
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 9, 2009

They may not say it, but I highly doubt they actually take you for granted.<br />
They may not be completely aware of all you do, but I'm sure they greatly appreciate it all and love you with all their heart.<br />
And those littlest siblings, they will learn from you, grow and learn to love like you have. It's the greatest most important job you have. Showing them how to love with all your heart and make the sacrifices needed to help family.<br />
The older sibling, she's having a tough time huh?<br />
And with all you do, it's tough to have a free moment, but continue to be there for her, she would feel much worse without you even if she doesn't know it. <br />
You're doing great. Keep it up.<br />
Friends can be family too. But I understand what you mean when you say you want more friends. <br />
So start here, I'll be your first new friend if you'd like.<br />
You can vent to me, share the things that make you happy, tell me all about your favorite band, whatever it takes to make you know there's one person, Right here, Who thinks you are a great person.