A Year Ago...

Spencer and I were at a Target store and we were in line by the food place, me off in my own world. Spencer then nudged me, bringing to my attention the man in front of us. He was a hobo. He looked and was dressed like one at least. And he was counting who knows how many nickels and dimes and pennies on the counter trying to decide what it was he could afford to eat. Seriously. Just coins. No bills. I had around $30 in my purse, which is a lot compared to the fact that I was only buying us some nachos that we would share and a bottle of water.

"You should give him some money, at least two or three dollars," Spencer said, a pitiful look on her face. I started searching through my purse to find that I had no one dollar bills. I had two ten dollar bills and two five dollar bills. The nachos and the bottle of water would only cost me and Spencer less than five dollars.

Spencer noticed I had no separate one dollar bills.
"You could just get our food and give him the change left over. It will be around two dollars," she suggested. I reached for the five dollar bill Spencer and I would need for our stuff before pulling out the second five dollar bill. Then the hobo turned around to face us.

"Miss, do you think I may ha-" he started out, but stopped mid-sentence as I handed him the five dollar bill, Spencer's and the cashier's jaws dropped open and eyes wide, along with the hobo's.

Hey, I only gave him that much because I saw he was honestly just trying to get something to eat. I wouldn't have given them to him were he in front of a liquor store. That would have given the five dollars I gave him a whole new dirty meaning. He thanked me graciously and did the whole "God bless you" thing a couple of times before turning back to the cashier and ordering himself a decent meal.

That felt so good.
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This is inspiring to me. I wish I knew an organization that truly helps them.

I bought these giant peel back soups that are easy to eat and keep them in my car so I give those out instead of money cause I think a lot if them just make money like that for drugs

Aww that's so sweet of you. You are a good soul. :D I'm a friend with a good soul YAY! ;)

i have done that many times for the homeless buying there meals for them. it made me feel really good knowing i could help someone out in there time of need