Ok first, I am not gay, but I am a guy and I can say I love giving head. I love how it makes me feel that I am pleasing him

This one time, I wanted it so badly that I put on some super tight girls shorts on and a girls top which was tight and you could see my nipples. I drove down the 60 freeway in the Moreno Valley area one night and this truck driver was looking down at me. I had my interior lights on so guys could see in. He stops this big 18 wheeler truck in a safe location and put out his emergency things and lights. He walked to my car and saw I was a guy. I felt badly and said "I am sorry I thought you were someone else." He said thats ok and I said, "unless you know any guy who would like me to suck him with a condom". He stopped with a kinda smile and said come on over.

Seriously on the side of his truck I was on my knees and gave him head on the side of the freeway. It was amazing. I took him so deep that my lips touched his balls. He started thrusting and held my head gently. My hands started caressing his legs and buns as I took him more deeply. He was moaning and was getting ready I could feel the strength in his thrusts and his **** getting super thick and so omg hard. He suddenly started to pulsate his warm *****. I continued to suck and caress him. He moaned like wow an animal. I had chills it felt so beautiful that I would do that. I felt like so honored. After he was done cuming I continued to keep his **** in my mouth caressing and sucking gently. Because I loved it but also he continued moaning, holding my head, I felt like he was a baby and needed me. It was so cute.

After he was done he said I was the most amazing. I felt honored again. I asked him I wish I could find a guy to like rub me under my balls cause it makes me ******. He said really. I said yes. So he did. omg I never had a guy do that to me before. I almost collapsed he rubbed so gently but yet firm. He made my body totally weak. I started holding onto his **** a lil cause it make me feel more secure. then me brought me to the best ****** I have ever had.

So thats my sort. I am serious. It was amazing I was like a girl I so loved it He did to lots hehe
bottomboy692011 bottomboy692011
22-25, M
Aug 15, 2014