His Name Was Dan

We met on craigslist,and he said his wife wouldnt let him *** in her mouth. I told him I could help with his problem. When he came over we chatted for a little bit and I could tell he was nervous. When I undid his pants,his **** was limp,and he said he was nervous. I told him I could tell and started to give his **** a tongue bath.He would get kind of hard and I would put his whole **** in my mouth.He would stay hard for a minute and start to go limp again.This happened a few more times. I told him to lay back and close his eyes,and I started to rub his stomach,very softly. I again started to lick his ****,but this time he got hard and stayed that way. So I just went to town on him giving him my best stuff.it took him about 15 minutes to ***,but it took even longer to get him to stay hard.The key was to just get him to relax. When he came in my mouth,I swallowed it all(Of course) and he looked down at me and said "That was good!" Then he just sat there for a couple minutes,and finally he said "I cant believe I just came in a guys mouth! My wife never let me do that!" I asked how he felt about that. He said weird. Then he asked me never to tell anyone. Oh yeah,like I go around telling everyone I suck ****! Like if I ever run into him and his wife somewhere I am gonna go up to them and say "Hi Dan,ya wanna another blow job since SHE wont swallow?" At least married men are discreet. His secret is safe with me.
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wish that would have been me!

I would rather have a married man anytime especially if the wife won't suck him and most especially if she won't swallow. I occasionally suck a married guy who has several rental houses and apartments. Another guy is with the local college and his wife travels for weeks at a time. Both of them I swallow. There are others but for most others I require condoms and let them remove them to shoot off on my bare chest (I love that warmth)

I'm sure you've met many men who have similar wives. Wives who don't suck, or if they do suck, its a half-hearted effort to just get him to stop nagging her. And, so many act as if *** was battery acid!

*** is the sweet nectar of man! I swallow it all! I love the taste!

That is why I have to keep doing it! But I dont mind!

Thats what I miss about having a boyfriend. Steady supply of **** is nice to have!

Fabulous sweetie