Loving Them..but Cheated ..

my first bf was during my college days..we were together for almost three years until i went out of the country for work..and he also sailed through for work..everything seems to be so perfect until one day i found out in one of his brothers account a picture of a baby girl aroung 2yrs of age..i was surprised and called him..he admitted the fact that it is his daughter but he never told me..he cheated on me..
my 2nd bf is here in my workplace...ive fallin in love with him since he was the one who comforted me..at the toughest time of my life when i broke up with my first bf..he also have a gf in our place...he broke up with his gf and we had great time together here until he was transferred to another branch of our company...it was ok till the time ive heard stories about him being with another girl ..i never believe it..since everyday after work he comes to me..he sends me letters everday..until after 7 months..i was shocked..my world just fall apart..the girl sent me a message telling me ..they make love once and that my bf denied me to her..i was very frustrated and i dont know what to do..until now..i cant decide if its worth a second chance..
hisgirl2008 hisgirl2008
Jul 27, 2010