My Little Brother Wants Me

I was spending the week at my dad's house with my little brother during the Thanksgiving holiday. Bob and Jim were staying there all week too. My little brother accepted the fact that I am a transgender and that I act and look like a woman even though I am a man. We both have gotten closer in our relationship since the car crash. He doesn't have much money, so when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him that I want that Ultima 9 video game that is still in the box shrink wrapped. He told me that is cost a thousand dollars on Ebay, but he could pull strings and get it somewhere else. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he grinned and said it is something embarassing. I told him that I would buy him a gift worth a thousand dollars since he was getting me that colllectable video game anyways. He said that he wants something else, and he had a grin on his face. He said that he wants me to do something for him and that he would tell me in private tonight right before bedtime. So when it was bed time, my brother walked me to my bedroom, since Bob was in the house and I was afraid of him. My brother knew that Bob raped me. We still were friends with Bob after what he had done. Bob has been very generous to all of us lately. I took off my heels and layed on the bed as my little brother closed the door. He sat by me on the bed and told me what he wanted for Christmas. He is very young, but old enough to be attracted to girls. He whispered to me that he wants to ********** me as a Christmas gift. I told him that he is my brother and that is out of the question. But he insisted for a whole hour. I finally gave in and agreed. AFter all, I really wanted that collectable video game and who wouldn't want to be ***********! I asked him if that was all, that is a very small gift. But he said that I must wear my leather boots and pants on a date with him right before the ************. He said that he isn't gay but has a fetish of ************ me and has had that fantasy for a long time. I asked him when, and he said as soon as I wanted. I I wanted to get it overwith, so I told him that tomorrow we would go out on a date and do this. We wouldn't tell dad what we were doing and just tell him that we are handing out together. So the next night, I dressed up in my leather high heel boots and leather pants. I also wore a tight blouse with no bra. I drove him to the mall and we ate there. Guys were looking at my nipples. We ate at the cafeteria and we went shopping for Christmas gifts. On the way back he told me to move my drivers seat back. I did and told him that I can't move it any further or I won't be able to reach the gas pedal. He then felt my thighs as I drove. I was wearing a leather jacket and black leather gloves. I took my right hand off the steering wheel so he could get a better view. He started rubbing between my legs. I warned him that if I climax while driving, I could lose control of the car. He stopped. When we got home, we went into my bedroom and undressed after locking the door. As soon as I took off all my clothes except my white ankle socks, he quickly started jacking me off. I layed down on the bed to relax and spread my legs. He massaged my feet for a minute over my socks. He wildly jacked me off. He was hurting my penis a little, so I didn't *** yet. I moaned in pleasure and discomfort. He felt my breasts with his other hand. I could see his erection, he had all his clothes off. I was concerned that he might want to **** me. Then he shoved his other finger in my anus while jacking me off. After a couple minutes I went into ****** and screamed. I came and moaned in enormous pleasure. He layed down beside and felt my whole body as I relaxed after the ******. He thanked me and then we got cleaned up.
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8 Responses Nov 27, 2010

Bet he want to find a girl like his brother

I'm sure he'll rem that for many yrs :)

That was nice that you let your bro do that. I'm thinking that maybe you should make the exchange a little more equitable. You know he doesn't have a lot of money and yet you want him to spend $1K for a video game. I'm thinking you might want to suck him off and let him **** you about 5 or 10 times to be fair to him.

I don't know what to say. This was a lovely gesture on your part and I'm sure it gave your brother a lot of pleasure. I wonder if he will want to do this again.

You are a gorgeous woman and a beautiful sister for letting your brother ********** with you.

I would have sucked your hard **** and made you *** in my mouth.

I want you soooo bad!

you are a great sister