I Am Going To Vent With Nonsense And Irrational Thought i say, This Is a Man With Undoubtibly Huge Social Problems. Damn You Unwanted Instructional information Booklet, My Inability To Convey What I Want At The Right Time Is your err! no more space...

so i just typed something really profound on this through my wii, wich is completely maddening. the mood is gone i guess i needed to vent... its almost funny, in sad way...thank god i suppose i dont want my soft squishy insides exposed on this monumental day of experience posting.i am being serious and i take sharing personal sxperiences admirable and have my respect. i aim to be truthful n what i share .if there is a really long and horribly depressing title to a group, i had no part of it. and good`ay.

i will have no part of that! i am just 23 with heartache and many invaluable experiences. i thought no more, ultimate high; venturing into what unkown. leaf like journey carried by the current there is more to chase after and that my threshold of pain was a stonewall..i feel like an idiot and still so young. i am tired of typing in one finger pushing fashion and i want this so badly to be out in the electronic masses, computerized organic beings. squish me! i am an ant with horrible punctuation and grammer. half my body weight i cannot lift and i ramble on please i just this to be heard n not forgotten

autumnvibe autumnvibe
22-25, M
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this is why dug consumption is frowned upon, i feel embarrassed