My Wife's Birthday 3some


Wanting to get away for my wife’s birthday, we headed up for a weekend in Las Vegas to be a little bit naughty. While in the room waiting for her to finish getting ready for the evening, I made myself a drink and wondered what the night would have in store for us. When she finally emerged, my jaw nearly hit the floor! She had on a sexy black dress, her long blonde hair flowed over her tan freckled shoulders, and I loved how her sexy black heels showed off her long gorgeous legs. Her big heavy breasts were straining against the thin black fabric of her dress, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra! She sparkled more than all the jewelry she was wearing, and we turned quite a few heads as we glided through the lobby to catch a cab.

We had an early dinner at Mandalay Bay, followed by cocktails at Ghost Bar high atop the Palms Casino. We mingled at the bar with a couple of cute women then a couple of younger guys shamelessly hit on my wife. But we’d rather go home alone than with the wrong people, so we were actually getting ready to leave. Suddenly we were approached by an older gentleman that appeared to be in his late 40s. He was dressed nice, had short salt and pepper hair, and looked handsome and fit for his age. He complimented me on having such a gorgeous wife, and was wondering if we would like to join him for a drink? My wife seemed impressed by his charm, so when she accepted his invitation I knew that there might be some potential here. He introduced himself as Dan while he mixed us a drink from the beakers of alcohol at his table. After our 3rd round of drinks and casual conversation, my wife loosened up and playfully placed her hand on Dan’s knee while trying to be flirty. As I sipped my drink I noticed two hot girls smiling at me from the dance floor out on the patio, so I asked if everybody felt like shaking their tail a little bit. “Sure” my wife said as we all stumbled our way out.

Once on the dance floor though, I lost all interest in the two hot cupcakes who lured me out. As the place began to fill up we were pressed closer and closer together with Dan behind my wife and me in front. I was sure he must have had a raging hard on with the way my wife was grinding her a55 back into his crotch, and I saw that her n1pples were rock hard as her breathing got heavier and heavier. My c0ck hardened a bit as my hands found their way up to her big t1ts, and she offered no resistance as I started to rub and massage them. “Mmmmm” she moaned as Dan’s hands began rubbing her tight a55 from behind, and she responded by placing her hand between my legs. I smiled as she rubbed my hardening c0ck through my slacks, then got even harder when I looked down to see that her other hand was reaching back doing the same thing to Dan! Our hands were all over her as Dan began lifting her dress, and I wondered how far we would take this without being noticed by all the people dancing just inches away from us! But suddenly the music ended and people began to thin out. My wife got a little embarrassed as she lowered her dress which Dan managed to lift all the way up past her thighs! And as she darted off the dance floor she turned and said “are you two coming or what?” We didn’t need to be asked twice!

She immediately grabbed her purse and headed for the door as we quickly followed. Nobody said much of anything as we took the crowded elevator down to the valet area. We jumped in a cab and positioned my wife between the two of us in the backseat. I told the driver to take us to our hotel, and my wife’s eyes widened when she realized that we were all going back to our room. Before we even left the driveway she turned to take Dan’s tongue in her mouth. As they made out in the back of the cab I watched as he played with her big giant t1ts while I slid my hand up her dress. It was no surprise that she wasn’t wearing any panties and her smooth shaved pu55y was gushing all over the insides of her thighs. I sunk two middle fingers deep inside her and rubbed her cl1t with my thumb, making her buck uncontrollably against my palm. But just when my wife seemed like she was about to cu m we arrived at our hotel. She did her best to pull her dress back down and gain her composure as we stepped out of the cab and fought the crowds of people through the lobby.

Once in the room my wife told us to have a seat, then climbed on the bed. She loves to show off when she’s drunk, and we watched for a few moments as she raised her dress and started playing with her pu55y. As her dress melted away we joined her on the bed and took turns kissing her, licking her big gorgeous t1ts, fingering her hot wet pu55y, and feeling her up much to my wife’s delight. Our clothes quickly disappeared as well, and soon she was stroking both of our c0cks. Dan had a bigger c0ck than me, and I loved seeing my wife’s neatly manicured fingers with her wedding ring wrapped around his big thick shaft. Then she laid on her back with her head off the bed and called us over. We instinctively fed her our c0cks as she took us both in her mouth at the same time, neither one of us seeming to mind that our c0cks were touching. She alternated between the two, letting us slap our c0cks on her tongue while she pressed her big t1ts together and fingered her own pu55y.

Dan then laid on the bed as she crawled up between his legs taking his c0ck back into her mouth. I loved watching his thick black pubes tickle her nose as she sucked his big hairy ba11s, licking her way underneath his shaft to his big purple head. A thin line of saliva and pre-cu m linking the tip of her tongue to the tip of his c0ck. As she sucked him, she stuck her a55 high into the air as if to invite me in. She was sopping wet as I played with her cl1t and fingered her, rubbing her g-spot and making her squirt all over the bed (something she does this when she’s super h0rny!) After a few moments of expert c0ck sucking, she released his c0ck from her mouth and climbed up on top of him while he licked her pencil eraser n1pples. I saw her jacking off his c0ck just inches from her pu55y, and although we had talked about full swap before we never came close to actually doing it. As she rubbed his c0ck head between her pu55y lips I looked on in disbelief as it slowly slid inside her. She looked back at me to make sure I had no objections, and my smile gave her the go ahead.

All at once his big c0ck disappeared into her as she gasped from his size. He grabbed her hips while her hot tight pu55y gripped his c0ck like a vice and made his balls all wet and gooey. As she rode him I got down and licked her a55hole, which really got her going! I loved the squishy sound of his big c0ck sliding in and out of her, and I made sure that plenty of my saliva dripped down to make things even wetter. I slid one finger in her a55, then another to loosen her up as Dan fu cked her harder and harder. Within moments she was screaming that she was cu mming, and soon his thighs were soaking wet from her org asm. After cu mming she slowed down, leaned forward, and then reached back for my c0ck . With Dan’s huge c0ck still inside her she guided the head of my c0ck to her tight puckered a55. She was tight at first as my d1ck pressed into her, but she quickly loosened up and began moaning as me and Dan built up a quicker pace and really started laying into her. As my hard 7 inches slid deep in her bungh0le I could feel Dan’s c0ck rubbing against mine through the thin wall separating her pu55y and her a55. The tingling sensation as my ba11s bounced against Dan’s made it even kinkier as I fu cked her like the sl ut she wanted to be treated like. She screamed “your c0cks feel so fu cking good!” as we fu cked her faster and faster, harder and harder, And she must have cu m 2-3 times in the 10 minutes that we double fu cked her, shaking the bed and waking the dead!

Making the mistake of thinking she was done, she then pushed me back and turned around with Dan’s big c0ck still inside her as she now faced his feet. We kissed passionately as I rubbed her big t1ts still wet from Dan’s mouth, her a55 moving in slow rhythmic circles. She then rose up and I watched as she removed Dan’s hard wet c0ck from her steaming pu55y and guided it towards her freshly fu cked a55. It slid in effortlessly as his ba11s nestled against her pu55y lips. She leaned back a bit and pulled my head down towards her pu55y. I knew that her favorite way to cu m was from me licking her pu55y while fu cking her a55 with a di ldo, except now she’d have the real thing! As Dan’s big c0ck stretched out her a55, I plunged my tongue into her just fu cked pu55y. I could have cared less that the hair from his ba11s was tickling my chin! I could taste Dan’s pre-cu m that had been leaking into her for the last 20 minutes, and I got even harder while imagining what it might be like to eat her pu55y after another man dumped a load in her. My wife screamed as my tongue flicked all over her cl1t, Dan sliding his c0ck all the way out so that only the head was still nestled in her a55 then RAMMING it back in as she yelped. I slid a middle finger deep in her pu55y and curved it upwards to tickle her g-spot while I continued licking her, and she ca me harder than I have ever seen her cu m before. As Dan’s c0ck popped out of her gaping a55hole the only thing she could mutter was “Oh my fu cking GOD you guys!!”

This was far more than me or Dan could take, and my wife knew it! She got off the bed, then kneeled on the floor with trembling legs. As I stood in front of her she took me in her mouth and sucked me like a pro, saliva dripping off her chin as she forcefully grabbed my ba11s. Dan stood next to me as she took his c0ck in her mouth too, her blonde hair whipping around as she bobbed her head back and forth. Dan reached down to pinch her hard n1pples, and as we took over jac king ourselves off in her mouth she reached down to play with her sopping wet pu55y. She was moaning as she fingered herself with her mouth wide open, practically begging for us to cu m all over her. Within seconds Dan was shooting one of the biggest loads of cu m I had ever seen all over my wife’s pretty face. She lapped it up with her long hot tongue and swallowed as much of it as she could as she held her big t1ts up to catch what dripped off her chin, rubbing it all over like lotion. Seeing her covered in another man’s cu m completely pushed me over the edge, and I rewarded her with a second huge load all over her big glistening t1ts. She sucked me slow and gently, licking me, cleaning and rubbing our now softening c0cks all over her face. Dan sighed as he collapsed back on the bed, and just like I did on our cruise I leaned down and gave her a long deep French kiss immediately afterwards. The salty taste of cu m still in her mouth as she pulled me close while we kissed.

Knowing that it was probably time to go, Dan searched for his shoes and got dressed. As he did, my wife whispered how much she loved me and thanked me for letting her fulfill yet another wild fantasy. She told me she would make it up to me any way she could, but I wasn’t about to tell her that she already had! Dan gave us his cell phone number, and asked us to call him the next time were in town. But I knew that we would probably never see him again. As far as we were concerned he served his purpose by simply being the right guy, at the right place, and at the right time. So after walking him to the elevator and bidding him a farewell, I returned back to the room to find my wife laying in bed with her fingers buried in her pu55y. I climbed on top of her and fu cked her hard and deep for a good 15 minutes, making her cu m yet again before spraying a second huge load across her stomach and t1ts. Amazingly it was still only 12:15 in the morning which is still early when you’re in Las Vegas! So I half jokingly asked if she wanted to go downstairs to the lobby bar to find somebody for round two? She smiled and said “give me 10 minutes to freshen up!”


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Since we were in the same some what lifestyle also I gave my wife a ********* for her birthday. Never having a ********* my wife was more then willing but said she wanted to be alone with her soon to be two lovers so that is what I did. I knew two buddies I knew would **** my wife in a minute and made all the arrangements at a near by motel. I took my wife to the motel and bought some beer for the all of us to drink as my wife wanted to get to know the two guys first.even if it was for a small time! It only took about twenty minutes before my wife kicked out ot the room. I was to go to a near by bar where we got the beer and waited for a call from the wife. I got the call after waiting for about theree houes. When I got to the motel room my wife was taking a shower and the two guys were gone. My wife came out of the shower smilling from ear to ear. She thanked me and gave me seconds or should I say thirds! It was her first ********* but not the last!

We love Vegas just like that!

WOW! Sounds like sooooo much fun! I think you two are wonderful and lovely people! Thanks for sharing your story . Maybe some day my wife an I can have something as special. We have talked about it .

That's what I call a birthday present! I'm sure she was joking about round 2 - but what a nice joke!

i need ur d*** and her pu55y too... i can already smell it....

That's the way Vegas should alway's be ...thanks for sharing..