Self **** Enema

I'm going to **** up my arse!

I've nearly got all the equipment now. I'm going to put on a condom catheter (the sort that actually stick to your penis and seals really well!) then connect it to a tube. On the other end of the tube is an inflatable enema plug (latex of course!). Once that is firmly pushed up inside me I'm going to inflate it right up as much as I can (don't want any leaks!). Then I'm just going to let go and let my pee flood up my arse!

God I can't wait, its going to feel so good! I'll report back and tell how it was once I've done it.
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Did you know you can buy latex self enema flushing panties. They will save a lot of messing about and if you had a friend they can connect the tube from their normal flushing panties to the plug in yours and pee into your arse.

That sound awesome. Here's my favorite way. I get a large cup or bottle. Fill it with pee. Then I got a thin rubber hose. I took it off a breast pump machine but any soft small hose will work. I insert one end in my *** at least a few inches duo it won't fall out. Then I'll take a big sip from the cup and hold it in my mouth. Some times I'll swish it around and enjoy it for a moment. Then I'll take the other end of the house like a straw and blow the pee onto it. I'll repeat till it's all inside me. I'll hold it in for a little while and jerk myself. Then I'll take the house and suck it back out. I don't usually swallow it but just let it spill out of my mouth onto my body. I do sometime take little gulps. It's so nasty but it turns me on so much that I can usually jerk off and eat my entire load. I usually don't have the nerve to eat my *** otherwise.

Wow, absolutethree, that sounds like fun! I'm going to have to try all of that. Don't know why I didn't think of it myself. I had thought of having a **** enema and then attaching the tube to an inflatebale gag and then almost being forced to drink all that dirty ****, but for a start I don't have the gag yet and also - why complicate things?!

Its great. Let me know how it works out. I recently figured out another fun way to play. I noticed a long time ago that if I hold **** in my mouth for a moment then spit it out, it comes out thick like saliva or lube. I use that as ******* lube. Well this time I spit out onto a shallow bowl and I'd swirl my face in it. Then I realized that sine it's thick like that, I could suck it in thru my nose. Sort of like when you have a runny nose and you suck it back in. I was able to sort in lots of **** into my sinuses and even a bit into my lungs. Because it was thick like mucus it didn't choke me. It was the ultimate sensory overload. I could smell, taste, feel, breathe the ****. After that I drank all the **** I could squeeze out and ate a huge load of ***. It was amazing.

yes but another way I do it is a rubber hose inside youre *** and a funnel on the other end and then **** in it and hold it up so gravity takes it and you get filled the more you **** the more it fills you there is nothing like the feeling as the **** fills you the only thing better is someone giving it to you neat as it comes out and fills you it is incredible amd if they **** you at the same time it is extacy<br />
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I always just use 3 or 4 disposable enema bottles. Empty them out and rinse, then fill them with my ****. Insert and squeeze. They say one bottle is a "dose" with the fluid that comes in them, but I prefer 3 or 4 bottles of my own **** at once. Sometimes I fill some up ahead of time, then wait until I have to **** again, and use the lukewarm first, then a second enema with the hot and fresh.

Hey, love to hear your experiment goes.<br />
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