Hurts Bad!!!!

when i am pregnant i need to give myself injections every single night for nine months. i could do it in the morning but the pain is so bad i cant walk after so i just do it before i go to sleep when i am already in my bed. i am good with needles and stuff but these KILL KILL KILL. i need to put the needle in my thigh. its blood thinners called lovenox. when shooting the meds in the pain and burning is so bad i loose my breath. you know the sensation when you walk into a freezing cold pool and you gasp for breath? its that. i gasp and gasp. then when i am done i cry. i never cry from needles. i have given birth 4 times with no pain meds. but this makes me cry. i am always alone. hub runs out of the room. he cant handle it. each injection leaves a huge black and blue mark. so imagine what my legs look like after months of injections? like some serious disaster!!!
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4 Responses Apr 15, 2011

Crap, hon, I'm sorry! I have to inject myself once we with methotrexate, and I thought that was bad. I'm really sorry for you. I hope you don't have much longer to go.

Needles are nothing

You guys have great husbands

that must be hell .....i must say i couldn't do that and my hubby wouldn't be able to cope niether but i surpose you have to way up the end result x