Learning to Live With Diabetes

     I had just returned home from the hospital. I was nervous about the prospect of now having to take care of myself. It was easy in the hospital. The nurses took my vitals and gave me my oral medications and most important, gave me the insulin injections. Of course my family was there to help, but they knew less of the disease than I did. Every time I gave myself a shot I was afraid that I didn’t do it right, but I learned more each time.

     I got an injection once a day. My roommate in the hospital said she did hers in the thigh, but I elected to use the stomach area. I was surprised from the very first shot that it didn’t hurt. As a matter of fact I did not feel the needle going in at all. That was a great relief to me. The shot needs to be given in a fleshy or fatty site. If you are very thin than you need to give the shot at an angle and not straight in. Further, when you know you have no choice, you just do it, and it does get easier.

     I also had to take a pill twice a day and self test several times a day. It was a lot to absorb in such a short amount of time. There were booklets about diet and portions I had to read and learn. It was quite an adjustment, and it was expensive. The insulin was the worst, about eighty-five dollars for a tiny bottle. With that you also need alcohol wipes, the needles, and the testing supplies.

     I was lucky that when they discharged me, the doctors and nurses made sure that I had as many of the supplies I needed as they could give me. They knew I didn’t have insurance. The doctors further gave me extra months of prescriptions for the insulin and syringes, but still urged me to see a doctor the next day. One of them even told me that I would end up right back in the same situation if I didn’t. I didn’t. I proved him wrong.
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when I was in elementry school 5th grade to be exact I had a friend who was diabetic this was the first I knew of it but she use to give herself insulin shots too I was always curious to know how someone her age could deal with such a thing but she did it. then when I got older my mom was diagnosed with diabetes and she use to have to give herself shots too but now she doesn't have to take shots anymore just a lot of pills.