August 22, 2001

This is the day that I gave up my 3rd born to a couple who had not been able to have a child the natural way.  It was a very hard decision to make but I knew that if I was struggling with 2, it would be near impossible to take care of 3.
I met the adoptive parents about 6 months in to my pregnancy through my cousin who worked with the woman who was to become my son's new Mom.
I made my decision pretty quickly and although I felt as if my heart had been ripped out of me, I knew that he was going to have a much better life.
The adoptive parents promised to stay in touch but, after the first year, they stopped.  It took me a long time to come to terms with that and even though I still hurt from not being able to see what he looks like, I am okay with the fact that he is being taken care of and that is all that matters to me in the end.
I have 2 other children (boy and girl) who are both older than my other son,  and they know that somewhere they have a brother and one day they will hopefully get to meet him...just like me.

I <3 J.K.C.  (I am always here when you get ready litte man~ I loved you enough to want what was best for you and not me!
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

at least you had the courage to have your baby. I didn't. I hope you get to see your baby again someday.

I've been there and done that too. I know your pain. That is why I chose adoption the 2nd (and last go around).

I also adopted. My daughter was born on 7/15/2009. Her birth mother was raising 2 of her 4 other children. The other 2 lived with relatives. She just could not care for another one. I saw her struggle with the decision to go through with her adoption plan. It was heart wrenching. In the end she did allow for me and my husband to be parents for her daughter. We try to stay in touch with her, but she only allows a little contact. I am hoping to plan a visit for February or March. An open adoption is a hard thing to keep alive. I hope things work out for you.

Our 2nd son is adopted as well, and we have a very open relationship. I pray someday you will be reunited with your son, and would like to thank you even though I don't know you for giving up your baby for a better life than you could have provided, for being selfless, and blessing an infertile couple. Without selfless people like you, my oldest son would never know the joys of being a big brother! Thank you!