I Gave My Child Up For Adoption

long story short.... 11 years with an idiot 3 kids later I left... met a new guy... bad dude. He stalked me and threatened to kill me, my three kids and slit his unborn childs throat... so I gave her up so I would not live in fear for the rest of her life. Each and everyday that goes by I think of her. I feel like a piece of me is missing and other than the fact I got to know her adoptive parents I would have never let her go other than they deserved her more than I did. but they can never love her more. My biggest fear is someday she's going to ask me why I gave her away and then had another child after her. The only thing I can tell her is I never gave her away but gave her a chance. I would give 100 babies away before I could have an abortion. that's my personal choice although I can understand the heartache of the thought of giving away a piece of your life, I still could not take her away from her life. so that's my story or at least a piece of a facet. Judge me if you will cuz you will, but maybe someone out there is pregnant and considering abortion, no I don't think you go to hell or anything like that if you do but who cares what I think anyway. There are soo many good families out there who dream of the gift of a child so that's why I post this. I hope adoption can be an option.
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Hi. I gave up two children for adoption. I, and I think you, did what was best for our child/children. We gave them a life we didn't think we could provide for them.

adoption is my option im currently 17 weeks pregnant and already have a four year old son he is my world i love this baby too but me and there father cant afford another child so instead of abortion we chose adoption even tho to me it never was an option

Prepare yourself. That's the only advice I can give. When I knew I was going to give her up, during the pregnancy I was kind of detached. It felt really weird when people in public would ask me questions like what was I hoping for, or what I planned to name the baby... awkward. It didn't ''Hit me" until the moment she was born. I didn't even plan to look at her but it's the same every time. that instant you believe in love at first sight, not the romantic kind that life can destroy, but that unconditional I know i'll love you in and out of time kind of love. And that's what makes it worth it. To know some people would give anything to feel that, and a blessing you can give to them. so congratulations. you're pregnant and now that you know everything will be okay, you can be happy for the moment. That's all we get anyway moments, that's why we cherish them so much.