That Was 14 Years Ago

I had my two year old son when I got pregnant with Emily. I was not in any position to care for another child. My son was also a lover of babies, he would attack others children trying to pick them up and give them love. I was very worried that I would be in the shower one day and my son would choke the life out of his baby sister. So after much thought and deliberation I gave Emily to a lady whom couldn't have children of her own. I do not regreat me decision and I know that Emily had a better living experience because of my choice. It was an open adoption, so perhaps one day I will meet my baby.

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Can't imagine anything more heartbreaking than giving up a child , but it sounds like you did it for good reasons. I hope it all works out for you and Emily and her adopted family.

That does not make you a awful human being. Sometimes making the hardest choice is the right choice. Emily may resent that you gave her up at some point but your knowledge that you did what was right for her will carry you through.


I think you made a hard choice, and a good decision. I hope Emily grows up to appreciate the difficult choice you made, and the opportunities it gave her.

i am awful for giving my baby opportunities in life i COULD NOT? gO FIGURE

you are an awful human being

this is where i would give you a hug bae.........and read what i have commented on forgivness

i am sorry to hear that. I really am. They call me tummy mummy and Her other mother provided things for her growing up that i could not provide. For that I am very grateful.