My Life Has Transformed Since I Gave Up Smoking

morning everyone! Just wanted to share a few words on quitting those damn cigarettes. I had smoked for 20 years and , for that 20 years I suffered the worst depression ever . I always felt tires, sluggish, overweight and my mind felt ' fuzzy' a lot of the time. I lost my job a year ago and started to smoke even more - about (20 ) a day . I was also drinking too many glasses of wine during the day. Every night I'd lie in bed thinking " Why am I doing this to myself?" I got so miserable and , lets face it - started to look pretty grim . What made me finally decide to quit...VANITY! those horrible lines forming around my lips , I was always too tired to exercise, my skin was grey. So one day  just woke up and thought " That's it !" That day I joined the gym , bought some nicorette gum, watched EFT videos on You Tube to help me quit. I went down to the hair salon and dyed my hair a beautiful shade of blonde . I thought time to reinvent myself. That was 3 months ago and MY GOD - you have no idea how different I feel!!!

The depression that had crippled me for 20 years just left. I thought that i must have had a chemical imbalance in the brain or 'bad genes' but - no- it was the cigarettes. just think of it - if you are smoking 12 -20 cigarettes a day - your body is constantly under attack - it was as if I was batling a flu for 20n years. Now I leap out of bed every morning  and feel so full of energy. Going to the gym every day has helped enormasly too - my body is buzzing with feel good endomorphins and that certainly makes me feel good. My skin feels incredibly soft, by face is dewy and many of the fine lines have vanished and I've also lost over a stone in weight. I am still chewing the Nicorette gum 5 pieces a day but slowley weening my self of this . If you are thinking of giving up smoking do try - it's the best thing that I've ever done. I've never been happier !

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Congrats. It has been 3 yrs and a few days since I quit. I know your life will be much better now.

Thanks for posting this and good job on quitting the smoke.

congrats....congrats....congrats!!! Good work and thanks sticking to that which is really good for you. YAY!!! YAY!! Hugs & Much Love, LW