In The Words Of Waterboy....'you Can Do It!!'

I have been smoking since the age of 14, i am now 29. I know that isn't long compared some of the lengths I've read on here. However it did not make any less difficult.

I have now stopped smoking 4 months, coming to 5. 4th Nov 2009 10.30am was my last cigarette

I’m not preaching and I am not bragging, by I just went cold turkey…no patches, no gum, no hypnotherapy, no scare tactics. I just stopped. Don’t get me wrong, it was difficult, there were times I was close to tears cos of the withdrawal.

The cravings were bad, however, after the first 3 weeks, those cravings lessened. I would probably think about it maybe twice or three times a day by then.

I would still do everything during the day and weekends as I would when I smoked. Take cigarette breaks with the guys, stand there and chat to them as usual (I would make a point of standing away from the smoke!)., only difference is I didn’t have a cigarette in my hand.

I can now go through a whole day and only think about the times I smoked, not 'I wish I could have a smoke'. Again, without preaching, I feel so much better health wise; I can do the same gym routine without sweating and dying and go longer. When I come home after a decent night out, I don’t get that heavy chest feeling, especially the morning-after.

 Anyway, that’s my experience of giving up smoking. No matter how hard it is, it is definitely worth it. Also, when you do succeed in not smoking for a period of time and you want to maintain that, what I do is remember how hard and painful it was during the stopping process and say to yourself; “Do I want to go through all that again!”

theslims theslims
31-35, M
Feb 24, 2010