The Misery And Endless Pains of A Gay Guy

Living is a painful thing to do for me
its been 19 years and the endless pain i feel never ease off
i wander across life full with hopes
but time bring me into despair
i knew i was different at a young age,
i try to fit in, but the world as i see despise gay
the community i lived in, fear and hate gays
growing up with no true friend , and my circle of friends always remains so few
financial was another downpour for my family
i shifted house so many times that i believe i been in at least 9 school...
apart from that, i have a weak body and i have to eat medicine regularly
from then , living was just plain dreadful
i don't know why i'm still living
i hate my self for who i am
the fact that i'm ugly and gay
just made my life more miserable
my family is homophobic too, they resent gays and lesbian
...... really what is there left for me to live
zac93 zac93
18-21, M
Dec 24, 2012