Govt Needs Out Of The Marriage Business

No state or federal law requiring or defining marriage is constitutional. Never has been. When STDs were rampant and fathers easily denied paternity the government thought they would fix it. Like most federal intentions it turns and bites them in the *** and "scholars" use these laws to promote their own agendas and ideas of morality.
There is no reason my wife can include me (and 24 y.o. daughter) in her insurance coverage but our gay friend cannot insure his partner of 20 years. This is just wrong. There should never be gay marriage, only PEOPLE MARRIAGE. The govt exceeded it's authority and has a hard time getting out of it.
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I so agree with you, the government is way too involved in too many issues, and I like your idea of " people marriage "!!!! I truly like your way of thinking !!!! :)

Actually I read that opinion in Ron Paul's interesting book "Liberty Defined" and I had one of those "I coulda had a V-8" moments. It just suddenly made sense. I suppose I should have given him credit for the idea but I do believe it, not just because he said it.

Yes, it is a great idea my friend, and I am glad that you, Ron and I think alike!!!!! :)

This is only one of many issues we need to learn to tell the government it's none of their damn business rather than beg and lobby to GET PERMISSION.