Ron Paul Taught Me Marriage Is Not Government's Responsibility

Gay marriages are already a reality. You say "I do", get rings and promise to always be together. To you- and me - you are married. The problem is the legal side. I said in another comment in this group that if my wife can put me on her insurance plan, I cannot understand why our gay friend cannot share a policy with his life partner in the same way. Moralists have backed themselves in a corner. It began with good intentions. It was to stop STDs and fathers skipping town leaving no support for the children or the woman he promised to support. Now we have penicillin and DNA to trace down absent fathers. Divorces and estate settlements cost us taxpayers billions we never recoup. There is no reason you and your S O cannot go before anyone, your parents, any friend, spiritual leader, Legal Zoom....whoever and say your vows. THEN go to a lawyer and get both your wills and estate planning done (even if you currently don't own anything). Then by my standards you are hitched.
Having dated and known quite a variety of women (and married 3 times) I can tell you women use sex to get those papers signed and they turn into completely different people. They "gotcha". Unfortunately your S O would still have you by the balls (if you have them, your nipples if you don't) depending on the legal papers you signed
BTW, I developed my opinion on marriage after reading (and re-reading and re-reading) Ron Paul's book "Liberty Defined". God bless Dr Paul. See how well the Constitution is SUPPOSED to work? Who knew our founders supported gay rights too?
chubfun chubfun
Dec 12, 2012