I Think It Is Sad....

...That gay marriages is not already a reality.  I don't see the big deal at all.  So what if someone is gay and want to marry someone of the same sex.  What's it to anyone else?  It shouldn't be anyone else's business.  I cannot wait, and I wish I could help make this happen.  Love is love, no matter what color or sex someone is.  Sometimes this world really sucks.

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

wake up! gay marriage is a reality.When something exists,therefore it IS a reality.People can fix this problem; Get married in the states that have it legalized.I don't think gays would be happy living in a community,let alone a state,that is against it.SO I would move with my lover to one of those states if I were a lez.It'd be less stressful.And eventually you know more states are going to accept it at some point.

Sodom and Gomorrah is a reality too! And sin is destroying America. Hate the sin but not the

You are so correct

I agree. Love is too precious to be declared "sinful." I'm glad some states are beginning to realize that we can't squander it.

The world is ignorant, and hateful. I wish it wasn't so - But it is. I here that gay marriage was legalized in DC...so that's a plus for them.