My First Ever Sexual Exprience Mm

I have always been gay from an early age. I was just facinated by ****. My first experience i was 10  and my mate was the same age he showed me his if i would show him mine much later we jerked off together. My next really big experience was with my brothers mate I was 13 and he 24 he came round to see my brother but he wasnt at home and my dad was out also he asked if he could come in. I showed him into the lounge he sat opposite me it was a hot day and he was wearing these **** shorts i could see up the leg of them his **** head was in view we just talked for awhile but i couldnt take my eyes away from his crotch which i was sure was starting to grow i no i was hard he saw me noticing and asked if I wanted to see it I said "sure" he stood up and dropped his shorts (no undies) it was the biggest **** I ever saw I asked if I could feel it he gave me a nod to indicate yes then he felt my **** which rock hard he asked if we could go into my bedroom and get more comfortable. We took our clothes off and got on the bed he was rubbing himself all over me and I was enjoying every minute of it. He laid on top of me and asked if anyone had ever sucked me of course they hadnt and he asked if he could wow it was fantasticand he swallowed my ***. I asked if i could do it to him and his reply was **** yeah his **** to me was like a small tree trunk longer and thicker than mine losts of pubes and real nice set of balls I sucked him for awhile and he said he would like to try something else if I was willing but i had to lay on my stomach he then knelt over me and spat into his hand and started to rub it into my arse hole I was so horned up I couldnt believe the sensation as his fingers slipped in the he told me to just relax as I felt his knob press against my opening he said it my hurt a bit but just relax and it will go away. The pain was intence as he enterd me but man it felt so good all in one. Eventually he was right up me and moving in and out he asked if I was ok all I could do was moan with pleasure he really gave me a ******* and before he shot his load he pulled me up on my knees took hold of hard **** and as he gournd into me he jerked my **** and as I shot my load over the sheet he gave one last shove and filled me with his ***. He pulled out of me and cleaned himself off on my underwear. He told me I was great **** but we couldnt tell anyone about what we just did (as if). My arse was sore for about a week. We got together only once after that. But I will never ever forget that first time.

latham latham
18-21, M
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This story can really turn a guy on

i love the story and sounds like what happened yesturday when i ****** my 9 year old little brother

Thats hot ;))

Very hot!

That story was brilliant and hot!