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Gay Rape Fantasy

I always wanted to feel submitted and vulnerable. To be unable to fight of the person taking advantage of me. Im quite nice to look at. Have gentle features and a slight feminine build. I have had many boyfriends through my life.. But they always left an empty feeling in my after sex. I guess I wanted them to treat me rough not as vanilla as they did. And last night I had a wild dream:

I woke up in the middle of the night, I hear some footsteps downstairs. I shoot off my bed. I'm wearing just a t shirt my ex boyfriend left me. I walk downstairs carefully with my cellphone in hand. Then I feel someone behind me, my cellphone is slapped of my hand and shattered on the floor. I look up behind me and a cloth is shoved to my nose. After a couple seconds I collapse. When I wake up in a fuss. I become aware of my surroundings, I try to move, I realize that im face down with my *** up high. and my face on a pillow. My hands are tied behind me my back. And my feet are tied to the corners of the bed. I look around feeling freaked out. I'm just wearing the t shirt that clings on my body. My slender frame is exposed. I feel a hand caress my back. Lips tickle my ear. I try to turn around but my face is being pushed down with force. I bite the pillow and wiggle around. My body bounded and I'm unable of moving to much. The man comes around and gets on the bed in front of me. The room is dark and he is wearing black attire with a ski mask. He unbuckles his belt in front of me. And wraps it around my neck. He pulls upwards. By now he has unzipped and his **** head is right in front of my lips. He pushes and I close my mouth tight. His grip on the belt around my neck tightens and I gasp for air. He shoves his whole length into my mouth. I gag and struggle as I look up to him. He has his head thrown back as he grabs my hair and keeps forcing. I try to move away but he is much stronger and keeps me in place using my throat for his pleasure. I feel my own spit and his pre *** slide down the sides of my mouth and run down my chiin as I look up at him. He is looking down with an animalstic look in his eyes. He takes his **** out of my mouth and slap along my face with it. I gasp and feel tears running down my face as he walks behind me. He lifts the shirt up and he lets out a sigh of pleasure as he looks at my ****.

I struggle under him and beg him not to do anything. Which only makes him groan out in pleasure. I struggle some more in his grasp as he keeps up his teasing. He mounts me and aims his **** to my **** I gasp as he pulls me back by my hair. His breath is on my ear as he tells me its going to hurt. I feel him shove roughly into me making my insides part to make way. I groan and try to pull away as pain rackets my body. He just moans louder. I feel his tongue lick the tears running down my cheeks as he keeps thrusting. I try to move but the bonds are tight. He keeps shoving and sucking on my neck. I feel a deep pain around my ****. I look underneath and see his **** slap mine with each thrust. There's a juices running out of my **** and down my thighs. Mostly pre *** from him and a slight trail of blood from his rough entrance. I keep begging him to stop as he keeps pleasuring himself using my body. After he **** insides me he collapses. I feel him cut of the rope around my wrists and legs as my battered body collapses on the bed.
"You shouldn't have left me" He whispers as he grabs the shirt I was wearing. The shirt he gave me before I dumped him..

Then I wake up with soaked briefs.
Cutiefboi Cutiefboi 18-21, M 8 Responses Feb 9, 2012

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This is true story. When Im dressed as schoolgirl in my younger days, I often thought and worry about randy man would get hold of me and tried to rape me. He would be shocked that I had a girl thing and I was wondering if he could rape me from behind? I was very close to that but I had to cycle fast to get away from him, I was scared, now I wished I stay there. This was very naughty of me to flirt to men so much like I was cycling with my pleated skirt blowing in the wind showing my lovely white panties. This would make men randy and wanna to **** me like a girl in rape.

I dont know whether he KISSED OR SCREWED. We see/hear these words from 8 y.os and tou are no better thantv NETWORK CENSOR OR a prude afraid of writing what people actually DO. All the **** crap makes the reading almost impossible.

why so many **** for words we use in everyday speech. COME or ********* are *** After he **** insides me he collapses.

Oh please Mary. You need a ***** & a stiff one too.

I would love for my boy ***** to be treated that way

my fantasy would be to do to you what your attacker forced you to do to him. you would be tied, your legs pulled up over your head. i would have access to your a$$, your **** and any other part of you i wanted. too much estasy can become painful. that's my fantasy; to hurt a young guy with pleasure.

Hot dream. Love it! :) Rape fantasy is kind of frustrating because to have it happen for real is damned dangerous and probably would not be so fun, but the play-acting version of it is never quite as hot as the fantasy because it's prearranged and contrived and there's no real sense of danger. I have a lot of rough fantasies, like one where I'm going to post a foreclosure notice on a house in a bad neighborhood or something and the roughneck who lives there pulls into the driveway with his buddies, and they decide to have some fun with the little fagboy from the bank and drag me inside and tear my nice suit to shreds until I'm naked and gang rape me. Some fantasies are way too dangerous to experience the real version of, so you either have to settle for a tamer role-play version of them or just use them as occasional JO material.

well its quite hot for a dream, :)<br />
<br />
there a lot different between want 2 b rape and want to be threat rough in sex, there r no wrong in having rough sex , being tied, blindfolded, and **** hard (I guess most all that like and doing male on male want that) I think its part of masculinity that we r all miss that, <br />
<br />
be raped its not pleasurable if u really been rape (not a fun fake rape)believe me being taken without permission by force will not make ur turn on or something horny, most people who aware that they were sub (like me) atleast have been dreamed like this, many strong guys used as slave sex, being tied, and so on so on, but when that happened its sick, sucks, and fuckingly hurt, no fun at all, no one hear u screamed no one would stopped and at the end u'll b very feel disgraded and loss ur self somewhere<br />
<br />
btw that vanilla threat, sounds sweet 2 me, yummm :)

I guess you are right. That's the difference though. Having the horrible experience.. Or just wanting a rougher form of the sex you normally get. Because I understand the fact that rape isnt a matter of play or something people enjoy. Since I have not experienced it my way of viewing it should be different. And it is. Since for me it's more of a thing i'd like to play out with a lover. Still a fantasy, BTW. You are the first person that ever used vanilla as an adjective to describe me. I like you. Ha ha.

Mmh, hot

With so much material self censored from the words, the "story" has little meaning. Please don't write any more; this makes The bible read as a **** story.