First Experience

That was many many years aga when i was young. At that time I was passing through SevenWells area in Broadway Chennai. There was one theatre
SriMurugan. A adult malyalam film was screening and felt like
seeing as i had no work & was evening time. I bought balcony costing Rs5/
and settled at the backmost row. It was wooden seat & balcony had few people.
Soon someone sat next to me but I dint bother waiting for some sexy scene in screen. Aftersometime I felt the touching my arms. At first I thought he was a pickpocket. Soon he kept his hand on my thighs. I dont know why but suddenly I had a hard on. I kept my hand over his. He grasped it. Then he kept his hand over my fly. I kept quiet. Then he tried to remove my zipper. He eventually removed it & keprt his hand over my knicker. I felt he was doing some adjustment in seat. Then he took my hand & kept over his crotch. It was nude & his thing erect. I slowly caught it . In the meantime he had lowered my knicker and took out my c..k. I felt curious, I was cut when I was a boy & had never seen a adult with foreskin. I tried to see but it was too dark. After some time he suggested & we went to toilet. I was surprised to see two more guys standing I corner. He said dont worry its common here. He took me to a corner and showed his. I was facinated. He kept my hands over his thing. The foreskin slid up & down exposing light pinkish head. He saw mine but dint comment. We went back to seat again& mutually fondled. He said if there was oil we can insert in each others back. It was so interesting that I dint know when intervel came and when the film ended. That was my first &last/. Till today I wish to touch someone with a foreskin and hard c..k. but no chance as I am over 50 now....
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SSo nice I need ur c..k

Super I also have sex experience with my brother when I was 12 now my age 28

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That was an amazing adventure. Such a pity that you never had a chance to repeat it. I am sure you would have ha great enjoyment.

wow so hot and sensual story. I love it yar.

Yes Rash, that really was an adventure that was really sensual. David

That is such an amazing experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I would love have had my hand round your **** and have played with you until you climaxed. Maybe we message again sometime.

Lovely experience, I had a similar experience on a night bus when I was 14 years old

woww nice experience..

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nice story

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