I Hate It When Girls Get Away With Playing The 'girl Card' At Work

I am working in a labor intensive job.
It's part of the job description so we all knew what we were getting into.
Two of the girls I work with are constantly playing the girl card and it annoys me so much.
It is a pet hate of mine to be working hard while others are hardly working but playing the girl card particularly annoys me because its not that the work is too hard, it's that it is hard and you don't want to do it. If it were too hard I couldnt do it either.
Drilling - "it hurts my hands"
"yeah it hurts, that's why you should rotate workers"
Carrying the pump - "i can't do that it's too heavy"
The morning shift is long - "I need to go to the toilet for half an hour because I have a widdle bladder"
Using the machete - "my hands hurt from yesterday"
'yeah so do mine, but hang on I did it for 41/2 hrs yesterday while you were swanning around watering plants. Now you've gone and played the girl card I'm stuck with machete duties for another 4 hours. Poor you it's just too hard on your precious little body'.
It's not fair but it is seen as endearing by the male managers.
EmmaRna EmmaRna
Dec 13, 2012