I find it so sad that E P has almost been killed of by the attempted recent censorship
it is obvious that it had gone dead, every time I come here, the same statements are unchanged
I gave up trying to chat due to unkind comments from some members who done even understand that you cant change the past
Writing about one experience that happened ages ago, one idiot said "You should not allow that to happen to you "
(as if I could just go back in time and change it ?)
any comments on the sad decline would be welcome
tinareynolds tinareynolds
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 25, 2014

i did enjoy the freedom i had when i first had my initial account some 2-3 years ago, i don't bother posting stories anymore...sick of seeing them deleted or getting really nasty feedback (the reason i left here in the first place)

Many people, possibly most, do not really read and understand what is written. They at best skim and fill in the void with their preconceived ideas. Have lost count of the # of comments and PM's I have received from people asking about the status or an update on a story that I had clearly and repeatedly stated occured decades ago.

As you said, there are many people on here that aren't the brightest bulbs around. Don't let them upset you.