I love my fellow humans, but I refuse to follow their lead. I do what I want, love who I choose, and believe what I feel is right, regardless of popular thought. I don't follow trends (unless I genuinely like them), and I don't believe everything I hear. Every human is worthy of love, but not every human is worthy of admiration or leadership.
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

The problem is that you like many trends because you found out about them from people who learned about it from people who learned about it from people who learned it from an advertisement...

I don't care what's popular. If it's something that appeals to my personal taste, I'll like it.

But that's actually not "rejection of modern society". It's embracing whatever you like about it and ignoring the rest... really what everyone in modern society does, to an extent.

True, but I believe it is wise to know the difference between systems you can and cannot change.

I understand what your saying, but that does not change the fact that you are still a slave to the monetary system, like the entire population. We all have a false perception of life, and its okay to create your own little sense of what life is in your own mind. However, in todays society were nothing more than paid slaves, bound to all these financial institutions.