Diminished Sense Of Community In The Western World?...

This is a bit of a reworking of a post I left on somebody elses thread, my tangents led lead me to feel it was worth posting as it's own respective thread of ramblings! Anyways, please, do read on :)

I feel at times that we all suffer from a diminished sense of community... my point being that, outside of religion and senior centres, people don't seem to put in a whole lot of effort towards collaborating in community building programmes, exercises or general ways of life.   I feel it would be nice to talk to strangers without needing to embrace blind faith, go to a place where one is expected to consume state-altering substances such as alcohol or wait out my years 'til I'm a senior citizen...   I do try to explore my options, I've recently joined a Community Theatre group, for example, but I do feel the choices are limited.   I don't know where exactly I'm going with this now but I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject, maybe some advice?

Thank you for reading - take it easy!
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I definitely agree that society as whole is lacking in community. It sometimes seems like every person is out for themselves or there families. I would like to see more people working together with each other instead of against each other.

Quite strange, isn't it? We live in a "society"- a place where everyone depends on everyone, but we don't seem to care about the ones around us anymore. We are alone, surrounded by so many. Very strange.

People are fake if you look just at they body.Look at their soul and speak to them about the meanings of life, their experience their problems, see their world and they will see yours.Make some friends because i see that you are a thinker. Speak your mind and always speak what you sense. Be free and feel free through your peace. Have a great life!

I have just learnt this one for myself. I believe certain people were put in to my life to learn more about them and 1 of them were teenagers. I used to stereotype them all as bad until I started to come across teens who were better people. Made me think very differently of them.

Well done, the world is changing with you!

I had a very deep reflection year 2012 is a very different year for all of this and I managed to made a lot of sense with things, Including Teenagers. I feel more sorry for the teenagers than I used to do. I am also a Deep Thinker and I think my wave machine interests started this one off as I used to think about the workings of the wave machine quite a lot. I have also learnt to see 2 sides of people too.

Well done! I am proud of you. Keep going like this and the world in which you live will become even better.

I spend a lot of time reflecting especially at work and am trying to put things right as well. Only was able to just open up to a couple of close friends about a couple of problems I could never discuss with people before. Also trying to face numbers of fears that I believe has been holding me back for long time. I see things very differently to the society to be honest.

In due time everything will get better. What is important is that you try. Keep trying. You made it so far, after all.

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