Fond Memories

I'm sure it began when my sister and I were little. I was three years older and I can remember trying on her plastic pants on a few times and getting in trouble for it. 

When I was in my early teens I started thinking about plastic pants again. My neighbors who lived next door began having me take care of their house while they went on vacation. They also had a 2 year old daughter that wore diapers. I decided to have a look in her room and found four pairs of Gerber plastic pants.  

They were the classic white with the light texture on the outside. Out of the four there were two that were Toddler sized. I was still small enough that they could fit me. I took my pants off, stepped into the leg holes and pulled them up. The waist and leg bands were tight so I had to ease them up carefully into place. I was finally wearing a real pair of plastic pants. I ran my hands over the textured surface as it hugged my body. They felt great on me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but the pleasure overrode the guilt. 

 I took them home and wore them at bed time. I walked around enjoying the gentle crinkling sounds they made. I began getting excited and eventually shot a load in them. 

The next day I had planned on returning them but I noticed they were starting to tear at the waistband. I decided to keep them and as far as I can tell my neighbors didn't notice them gone. 







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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

i did the same. but it was my friends house. his mother finally told me to stop taking them. i was shocked of course, but she told no one else

Love em !!!