This Song Makes Me Cry....

Anyone who has followed me through EP long knows that I am slightly addicted to Metallica. Besides "Sandman"(reminds my of my best friend ever, Silver01ta) I think that "The Day that Never Comes" is my favorite Metallica song ever BUT it tears me up inside and I will fall to my knees and cry if I listen to it too closely.  It takes me back to my past and it is almost too much for me to handle even many years later.

 I know that this video appears to be about the Iraq War but when you listen to the words of the song he is singing about an abusive relationship. Doesn't have to be a romantic relationship but a relation of any kind where someone is a bully, and the hate the bullied person starts to grow deep inside when he/she is oppressed and beaten. As the lyrics says the beaten never seem to be able to to reach out and feel the warmth of real love, the hate grows and he/she thinks of revenge but the day when it'll happen never comes, as most people in abusive relationships never take a stand, they just take the beating and hope it'll end ( the day that never comes).



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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I do too. My brother and i both have metallica as our favorite band. When this album came out it was our favorite song on the album, and i have a memory of him with it. So it is the song i dedicated to him.

No, I like this song but I cannot listen to it often. I am sitting here right now crying like an idiot.

Wow you know how many stories and blogs i have dedicated to my brother with this one song?