A Great Eff You Song

I've listened to this song so many times in recent weeks.  It is the perfect “eff you *******… I have your number” song. This is about a person that everyone sees as so perfect on the outside but by superficial nature this person is lost in fear and the ugliness is kept underneath a shell—although they try to have a "flawless" facade.

And so while so many people like sheep "Bow down and stare in wonder" this person knows the truth of her.

I can relate to this and that's why I'm always going back to listening to this song. Most of you know that I am an empath and so I see so much of the truth of others. It is much stronger when I have a close relationship with the person but I feel it. Something I have learned is that even though someone may appear to be one thing on the outside underneath they have internal conflicts and ugliness.  My most recent relationship is the strongest connection I have had to a person and there is not the ugliness inside him, only conflict and I think that is why I loved him so much but this is a different story.

Everyone holds things inside of them to a certain degree. If it's not dealt with sometime in their life then it starts to fester and eat them alive. A person can only hide for so long.  "You don't know how you've betrayed me " I love the ending to this song. Because now the person will sooner or later be exposed and now she is "everybody's fool"

Ugliness can seriously be dealt with. I have taken a long journey inside of me to deal with past regrets, suffering, and damage. From the time you're a child you carry the pain within you and it will never heal until you deal with it. It takes time but it is so worth it.  This is what the song means to me.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2010