Got a Little Tipsy and Told My Husband....

Several months ago my husband rescued a little kitty left abandoned, getting ready to be eaten by two dogs that found him shivering in the tall grass. Our cat had had kittens 3 or 4 weeks earlier and this kitten was about the same age, so he brought him home in hopes that our mama cat would care for him as her own. She didn't nurse him but did look out for him, shared her food and let him sleep in the cozyness of her 'nest' she had with her 2 kittens. My son named him Boomer, we have him and the 2 other kittens still, they have all stayed and become members of our family. The other night I got a little tipsy with my husband and the subject of Boomer came up. Feeling somewhat goofy I told my husband that I had decided to spell Boomer's name different, with more class, like he was french. I decided to spell it Boomaire'. So this has stuck now and Boomaire' is doing well, he is no longer shy as he once was, and gets a long great here with his new found family. He really is a good looking kitty (my husband says he is the Rock Hudson of cats), he has been fixed and has all of his shots. Boomaire' now lives a very happy and healthy life inspite of what looked in the beginning to be a dim future.

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1 Response May 12, 2008

Good for you........and Boomaire.