Smoking And Sensuality

From as far back as I can remember when living at home as a kid my father and mother smoked. I used to watch my mother smoke and I thought she looked good smoking. The way she put it in her mouth and did the big drawback and blew out the smoke. It looked good to me.
Many years later I realise that it was sensuality that I was looking at when I watched her. She didn' ever suggest that I try it but I would have if she did. I didn't ever try it even when I grew up and left home. I finally took up smoking many years later upon chatting to a girlfriend online who smoked. I became interested in it and got her to dare me to try it so she did. She thought I would smoke once and hate it but as I lit up and sucked in the lovely soothing smoke I realised how sensual it was. Now she and I fantasise about it online and include it in our roleplay. More power to smokers and allow kids to take it up if they are curious. I wish I had taken it up much earlier.
psullivan64 psullivan64
56-60, M
2 Responses May 18, 2012

I smoke long 120s menthol cigarettes. So sexy!! Hope you enjoy your cigs as much as I do. Mnnnnn...puffing away right now and it feels sooooooooo gooooooood!!

Bad habit, you should have continued cross dressing.