Ahhh Yessss!!!!

Especially if I'm buying it for myself. Just touching and feeling sexy lingerie as I imagine what it will look like and feel like once I wear it sends chills up my back. Just the shopping can get me almost as excited as wearing it will be. I've gotten excited enough that it was really hard to conceal or to walk when I was buying sexy things.
RayanneA RayanneA
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

On more than one occasion I have shot my load in my panties while shopping for lingerie and HIGH heels.

Well put by everyone I could not agree more. I like to try it on at the stores. Have fun.

Yes shopping for lingerie is a real thrill especialy if you are wearing a garterbelt, nylons, panties and a camie uder you regular clothes.

i agree the thrill of shopping for womens clothes is an excitement as well as a sort of fear but I can't help doing it and I get more bold all the time.