Abusive Brother

Im being abused day and night by my family especially father and brother [ who now resides in UK ]. He physically and verbally abuses me! I called police on them and they threatened me that if any ONE goes to jail they all will kill me! They are trying to make me retarted by hitting on my head again and again!
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2 Responses Nov 7, 2011

get out of there and run away. that is wrong call the cops on all of them that is down right wrong.

You need to get out. I have been where you are and my brother abuses me all the time, verbally and physically. If both your father and your brother and putting you in danger, you need to find a way out. If they threaten your mom's life to keep you at home, you have to take her with you and you must seek some kind of legal protection from them. <br />
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I know how hard it is to leave an abusive home, especially if the abusers are your family....when you can't stand the house you're living, getting beaten down mentally and physically everyday, leaving your brother and your father behind is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in this world. You care about them, you worry about them, you feel guilty for the way they are, you wish you could help, but I'm telling you NOTHING WILL WORK. They are the way they are, and leaving them behind is worth not getting beaten up and threatened. Please talk to someone about this...talk to a councillor at school or call your local distress centre....those people are confidential and they can help you manage your stress and fear. <br />
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Getting out of an abusive environment like that is CRUCIAL for you to move and on and start your life, be with your friends, finish your education, go to work, and reach your full potential WITHOUT the men in your family screaming at you and telling you that you aren't good enough. You're not the retarded one - its your father and your brother who are unable to control their lives, and that's why they are taking it out on you!!!! They are trying to control you and beat you because they can't stand themselves and can't stand someone in their family to reach beyond what they have achieved, mentally or materially. <br />
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Good luck with everything :).