Music Is A Staple In My Life

As a small child, my dear sweet brother now deceased introduced me to classical music. He'd come home from work
and play his 78 R. P. M. records. The beautiful haunting sounds played in my head constantly. I grew older and got my first
record player at the age of 13. I bought myself a new 45 R. P. M. every week out of my allowance. I still have my collection
of groups like Dave Clark 5, the Beatles, the Animals, Petula Clark...... I'll never forget the music of the 70's... I still have my
collection of 33 R. P. M. albums of groups like the Bee Gees, Steppin Wolf, sound track from Saturday night fever. That is
one of my all time addiction like.... How Deep is Your Love.,. I like 80's music. George Michael is my idol with his beautiful
haunting voice singing Father Figure. The 90's not so much...... maybe because it's basically for teenagers. Lately I've
gotten into jazz, both old and new. I'm addicted to songs Joyce Cooling George Benson and Duke Ellington. Hearing is an
awesome gift. To lose mine would be a tragedy.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

My secret pleasure, the song I like and always cheers me up..... And you so cannot tell anybody is..... George Michaels - Faith ( I will deny this in public :p)<br />
There is at the moment a female singer who, I feel, is very good and has an old sound and thats Imelda May.

Congratulations on writing your first story. You got a Trophy. I remember the 33's, 45's, and 78's records very well from the late fifties and early sixties. They are now referred to as vinyls now and are quite collectable. I still like the music from the 50's, 60's & 70's the best. You are right our hearing is a really awesome gift. Unfortunately, I have some low & high frequency hearing loss in both ears. I used to wear a hearing aid. I also have tinnitus in my right ear. A constant ringing all the time. Silence would be more pleasant than the ringing. I guess you have to play with the cards that are dealt to you. Enjoy.