Asking For Help Makes Me Stronger

Good morning!

Hi my name is Angel.. I am a single mother of 4 children. I am the oldest of 4 sisters and 2 brothers.
My kids names and ages are Samaiya 7, Asia 6, Paul 5, Tya 3.
I have had six pregnancy's an 4 children my youngest is 3 she is now DFS custody soon to be adopted but I am still doing all my stipulations that the court order me to do.  My oldest is 7 years old with her grandmother. I currently have my son, 5 and daughter, 6 staying with me an we are still at a struggle but I have changed the people, places, and things that I was doing. I have 13 months an 20 days sobriety. I am now not making fast money like jobs that do not have pay checks and I currently attending BJC for Meds because a Bi-Polar disorder. My Goal is to continue going to BJC, finish up my drug treatment, counseling, go to meetings and have a sober network. I want to continue to go back to school for my self so I can be different an be stable unlike i was brought up also my children will have something to look forward to.  Right now My children going back to school is such a big task that I am not able to handle, its really tough i have a house which comes with all the regular bills (gas,water,electric,trash) I do hair inside the home that pays bill. Sometimes...
I have such a gift wit my heart an my mouth I am a leader I talk to young adult women about further there education and about children if they have any. 

 I really had an unstable life moving from  Chicago to St Louis several times, from house to house & school to school at least 16  an i was effected with the street life after finishing high school at the age of 17 which was a vocational school St Louis Job Corps. I got  I try ed college an my mind was not focus because i was around the wrong crowds. I had to become mother and father to brothers an sisters because of situations..father was incarcerated mother moved out of town..will an can get in further detail.  

Today I Asia 6 daughter Paul 5 son Dion 5 nephew  two brothers 19, 20 sister 21  reside  at home an school is about to began. We all pray an go to church its a struggle but we are alive and appreciate life an know that there are others suffering more than us but we need help guideness.

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26-30, F
Jul 28, 2010