Single Mother Of 3 Needing A Little Help For Christmas

Hi my name is Alexis I'm a single mother of 3 I have a little boy that is 10 and 2 little girls 9 and 5. this year has been really tough for me I'm going through a divorce because my husband tried to kill me. I'm having to deal with that and having it with my kids that had seen that has not been easy. And my health has not been 100 percent I've been going in and out of the cancer center doing treatments. but I do believe that you can only fall down so hard before you get your luck turns around. I keep my head up and believe that everything will be okay and I do believe what don't kill you always makes you stronger. This year I'm reaching out to for help Because my kids deserve to have a good Christmas even though I'm not financially able to give that to them. and believe that is so hard for me. to be asking for help because I'm usually the 1 helping. what I learned in life that everybody falls on a hard time and sometimes they need a little help to get back on my feet. so I hope this Christmas I can find someone that can adopt my kids so they can get the Christmas they deserve.
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Nov 27, 2012