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I am trying to find out what I need to do to get my son sponsored for Christmas this year. I actually have 4 children but my oldest is lucky enough to be with her father who's family is pretty well off. Two of my other children I gave up for adoption, open adoption, because I have health problems in and out of the hospital and can't hold down a job because of it. I am fighting for SSI of course. I've done everything I can do to give my children to lives they deserve. Giving two up and one to send to live with her father was the hardest thing I've ever done. My husband was in the army when I got sick and was discharged due to my health, and then because of the economy and him needing to be home to take the kids when i end up randomly in the hospital, he's not been able to hold a job either. We all know what this economy is like right now. Anyway I still have one child that I am holding onto for dear life and I guess I just kept hoping that if I didn't say anything he wouldn't know it was Christmas and I wouldn't have to explain to him why we don't have a tree, or decorations, or anything. But of course that didn't work because the neighbor kids started talking about all the cool stuff they are asking for Santa to get them. And being in my financial state I've had to tell my 6 yr old son that Santa isn't real because I don't want him to wake up Christmas morning and wonder why Santa forgot him. I am very aware that Christmas is just about love and being with my family. But my 6 year old boy he deserves to have something. Last year we got something that looked literally like a Charlie brown tree and strung a $1 string of lights on it. But my husband is the one who went out and got it. This year it's just me and my son, military husband. He is currently re in listing and getting read to leave for basic. Anyway I don't know how sponsorships work and I don't anything extravagant, in fact when I was about 9 years old my church gave us presents and I got a blanket I just loved it and I still have it to this day and I still sleep with it every night. I crochet my own stockings. And my mom always used to crochet special things for us, but i don't have the talent for it that she does. And I ramble on. I only want to be able to give him one or two presents to open up. The last 4 Christmas I took $30 into a thrift store and just got them (because at the time i had the other children) and got them each just a handful of toys that didn't cost more than a $ or 2 and they each had about 10 things to open and no one ever cared they were used I'm not sure they even noticed. Even thought it's just me and my 6 yr old I'd still love to be able to send something to my other 2 children. My youngest was adopted at 1 month old so she doesn't see me as mom so although I'd love to give her something it's not that important she'll gets what she need. Anyway I am only looking for a small sponsorship just a few in expensive things even if there isn't a tree to put it under. So I am wondering who may know if there is a place where I can just enter into a drawing, see if someone picks you to sponsor, are there sites like that? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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Merry Christmas....yes, adoption is such a wonderful 5 born, I 'almost' gave up for adoption. Fortunately, I surrendered, I knew I had to be hospitalized for alocholism, and they wanted me to abort him...I already had 4 children, and very glad....the POWER gr8er than me helped. I did have to go to court to get my other 4 back, walked out on them...NOW, I know I was a 'Sick person trying to get WELL ...NOT a BAD person trying to get 'Good!' The board of health gave my name to a 'adopt a family' at Christmas time....and MY fam was chosen....the local hight school, wrapped presents, and they even gave us LOADS of 'seek and you shall find'.......a Local Board of Health Nurse, may have 'connections....'....I pray for you family of gifts of warmth, love and joy.