hi my name is jaquawn i am looking for any or someone to take me an my family in for adoption we are a low income family its only three of use me my mom and ten year old down sindrome brother money is hard only one income stuggle to make a nuff to pay my our rent not asking for much just a few toys for my child and little brother i would very much appreciate it thank you 206-716-8600 #235
jaquawntaylor jaquawntaylor
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I am so sad for you. I think you are amazing to post here and ask for help. I wish I could help you...Can you go to your Salvation Army? Look them up. You need to get help, and it is out there...But it's not safe to supply your address and real name, so no one could send you anything directly. Please post back here and let me know what has happened to you, and whether you got help...