Working With a Lazy Boss

I work directly under this boss. He is the General Manager, I am the Deputy Manager. The reason why I am writing this is because I am sick of challenging this person day in and day out, its tiring also.... also I would like to add he gets paid twice as much as me!!!  Everyday there is paper work to be done or some HR issue to be resolved or just office paperwork of some sort!


The thing is I dont mind looking after the sales floor, infact I am very talented in this and guide, coach and encourage all our colleagues in a very engaging way.... I said to him today that I need my developement...I have learned how to lead a team on the sales floor ( I know this side of the business inside out). I need to be able to get off the sales floor and learn to develop the other side of the business, ie processes and HR etc...


What would you do? How would you approach this subject.. I make jibes and tongue in cheek comments... however he still doesnt take the hints... I even contacted his Boss last week to ask why should I stay with the company, I didnt say it was because My Boss is Lazy, I said is was for the security reasons... He told me I would be making the biggest mistake of my Career, as he would be looking to progress me further..... Should I have been honest with "his" boss and told him my real reasons for wanting to leave for pastures new? I really dont know... Today we worked 8 hrs together and I seen him for about 1 and half in total...


Your's Frustated and pee'd aff!!!!

RoseCallito RoseCallito
Feb 23, 2009