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I have had LOTS of things going on in my life the past 5 years have been awful in some ways wonderful in others and I am emotional stressed. I have two kids with my ex husband, and 1 from an ex-fiancee. I feel confused and lost a lot of my days and i get so irritated with my children I cry becuz i curse them out sometimes and think about sending them to their dads and running AWAY I cry because I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH and i think like that when they get on my nerves. I am 24 and living back at home everyone telling me things I should do , why am I always so irritated and I DONT KNOW. mom is telling my youngest dad to not call me come by to see me or his son just pay child support and leave me and the kid alone. That he ruined my life. Why would anyone tell a kids father to not come around him, whats arong with my family always trying to run my freaking life, i just wantto run away with my kids. When I was with my ******* husband whom my mom talked me into marring because i was pregnant was threatening to kill our son and choking me where were they she wouldnt let me go home then she told me to work it out, i cant take this anymore i dont have anything/anywhere to go. I am so lost and feel all alone with lots of people all around me. BY the way my youngest son dad is my best friend, she told him not to call the house come by or anything anymore and my cell burned up in a wreck i had 3 weeks ago, I want to pull my hair out and scream I am so tired of everything..thre's lots more emotional stress going on with nboth my kids dads and i just cant take it I feel like i am going crazy!!!  Can anyone help me find me peace again,,please???  I miss myself.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

i cry for you but you need a counselor on a weekly basis. blessings